Complete texts of his work and Interviews

Religion and Reality
An acclaimed thesis on religion, Sufism, and Sindhi religious belief. A very controvercial work for which a Pakistani court awarded Saeen G M Syed a 'Death Penalty'.

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The Case of Sindh
G M Syed's deposition to the court. A comprehensive study of Sindh's case. A detailed argument showing how the Pakistani establishment has exploited Sindh and Sindhis.

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Shah Latif and His Message
Saeen G M Syed presents a remarkable and unconventional interpretation of Shah Latif's poetry in this book. Latif Saeen and Saeen G M Syed, both deeply love Sindh, its language and people. They are both celebrated sons of Sindh whom the people of Sindh venerate with a similar sense of pride.

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A Nation in Chains
A thesis presenting social, political, economic and philosophical arguments supporting the formation of 'Sindhudesh' - a separate homeland for Sindhis. This book was first published in 1974. It laid the foundation for the Sindhi freedom movement.

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A study of Sindh's distinct identity through the ages. An alternative investigation of the history of Sindh. An argument against the so-called 'Two-Nation Theory' that was used for justifying division of India.

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Sindh ja Soorma, The Heroes of Sindh - In Sindh
This book , which is in Sindhi, is about five Sindhi historical heroes - Raja Dahir Sen, Dodo Soomro, Darya Khan, Makhdoom Bilawal and Shah Inayat.

Rehbar: The Guide-In Sindhi

This book published in Sindhi describing the practical ways and means to reach to the ultimate goal of freedom of Sindh. Copyrights to Mr Naz Sanai.

Sindhi Culture -In Sindhi

A fresh look at Sindh's history, civilization and culture, challenging the Pakistani state sponsored Islamcised definition of Sindh. Copyrights to Mr Naz Sanai.

Interviews by Syed (In Sindhi) Compiled by Khaki Joyo

Courtesy: Azadi jo haq - a Sindhi book - compiled by: Khaki Joyo

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