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Book by Adeeb Inqlabi - Memoirs on Syed- In Sindhi

Last Five Months of Saee G M Syed - In Sindhi

Memoirs from Sohail Memon, Official Spokeperson of Hyder Manzil. Detail account of Syed's illness and how state ignored his treatment leading to untimely death of Syed.

Archives on G M Syed on International Institute of Social History

Articles on Syed
Eulogy : 6th April 1995 - A Flower that fades - Daily Barsat Editorial
Eulogy : 16th April 1995 - G M Syed - Daily Dawn Editorial
Eulogy : 26th April 1995 - Syed : The great man of Sindh - Yusuf Haroon - Dawn
Eulogy : 26th April 1995 - G M Syed - The News Editorial
Eulogy : 26th April 1995 - The Death of an Era - Daily Jago Editorial
Human Rights International Press Conference and Statements on Death in Custody for Saeen G M Syed (1995)
"G. M. Syed's Vision On Status Of Sindhi Hindus" by Dr. Niranjan Dudani
January 2004 - Reflections of Dr Ahmed Makhdoom

My Reminiscences of G.M. Syed - M H Panhwar


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