List of Syed's Published Works

1. Hindustan JA Musalman ain Pakistan Translation / Edited 1941. (Muslims of India and Pakistan)

2. Naeen Sindh la-e-Jado- jehad (Sindhi 1949)

3. Paigham-e-Latif in Sindhi 1952, 78 & Urdu 1991 (Message of Latif)

4. Muslim League ji Mukhalfat Chho- Sindhi 1952 and Urdu Translation (Why Opposition of Muslim League?)

5. Pakistan men Zeban jo Masaelo ain Sindhi Zeban (Sindhi 1953) (The Problem of Language in Pakistan and Sindhi Language)

6. Maujuda Siyasi Masaela (Sindhi 1956) (Present day Political Problems)

7. Rehan (Sindhi 1965) Conversation (Letters of a Friend)

8. Jean Ditho Ahe-Mun (Sindhi 1968) (Jaisa Mena Dekbabe Urdu 1971)

9. Jaisa Mene Dekha he (Urdu Translation 1971) (Religion and Reality)- English translation 1986

10. Janab Guzarium jin Sein 1967 Sindhi (Those with whom I spent my life)

11. Jadeed Siyasat JA Nau Ratan- 1967 /Urdu (Nine Jewels of Modern Politics)

12. Sindh ji Bombay khan Azadi Sindhi 1968 (Separation of Sindhi from Bombay)

13. Shah Bhitai-e-Jun Wayun ain Kafiyun Sindhi edited 1968 (Lyrical Poetry of Shah Latif)

14. Sindh Mutahida Mahaz ain one Unit Sindhi 1969 (Sindhi United Front and One Unit).

15. Sahar JA Seengar 1969 Sindhi (Ornament of the Beloved)

16. Khat ain Mazomoon Sindhi 1970 (A collection of letters and Articles)

17. Pakistan je Mazi Hat ain Mustaqbal Te Tiarana Nazar Sindhi 1973 (A Glimpse at the Past, Present and Future of Pakistan)

18. Sindhi Culture in Sindhi 1973

19. Dayar-e-Dil ain Dastan-e-Muhabat Sindhi 1973 (The Country of Heart and Narration of Love) 20. Hehra Hanjan Thian Sindhi 1974 (Such Distractions do take place)

21. Sindh JA Soorma (Vol:l) Sindhi 1974 (Hero's of Sindh)

22. Choond Adabi Mazmoon Sindhi 1974 (Selected Literary Articles)

23. Pahenji Kahani Pahenji Zibani Vol:l Sindhi 1974 (An Autobiography)

24. Sindhu Desh Chho ain Chhala-e- Sindhi 1974 (Sindhu Desh, why and for what?)

25. Sindhu Desh- A study into separate Identity through the ages Written in English 1991

26. Sindh ji Kahani, Syed Je Zibani Sindhi 1975 (A story of Sindh, narrated by Sayed)

27. Khutabat Sayed Sindhi 1975 (Speeches by Sayed)

28. Choond Siyasi Mazmoon Sindhi 1975 (Selected Political Writings)

29. Aj Pin Chikiyam Chaq Sindhi 1977 (Once Again My Wounds have reopened)

30. World Muslim Sarbrah Conference Te -Tajezio Sindhi 1976 (A review of the World Muslim Leaders Conference)

31. Jadeed Aalimi Siyasat Sindhi 1978 (Present Day Politics of the World)

32. Sindhu-a-ji Sanjahn Vol: I & 11 Sindhi 1982 (Understanding of Sindh)

33. Kujh Khat: Siyasatdanan JA ain Qaumi Qarkunan JA Sindhi 1985 (Some letters by Politicians and National Workers)

34. Wajat Veragin Ja Vol: I Sindhi 1987 (The call by Jogi's letters of friends)

35. Saeen G.M. Sayed Jun Tahrerun Sindhi 1991 (Writings by Mr. G.M. Sayed)

36. Alag Adaliya ain intizamiya Sindhi. (Separation of Judiciary from Executive)

37. Qaumi Ittehad Sindhi (National Unity)

38. Sindh Galahe thee Sindhi 1994

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