The Death Of An Era
Daily Jago, 26th April 1995

Saeen G.M. Syed has breathed his last in this unfortunate land of his love but he will jive in the hearts of every one forever, who calls himself a Sindhi. He was one of the creators of Pakistan but when his enchantment with Pakistan ended, he transferred his love to Sindh and its people. In fact, he became Sindh incarnate. How extremely saddening-and maddening- is the thought that the rulers of Sindh behaved in the shabbiest manner in the last days of this loftiest monument of Sindh. They have only proved his charge sheet against the later ideologues of Pakistan.

Saeen G. M. Syed has left indelible marks on the history of Sindh and indeed Pakistan. He was human being par excellence - the tradition of all great men of history. His love for Sindh is legendary and that legend will live for ever. He has also left indelible marks on the psyche of the people of Sindh-especially the Sindhi youth. As long as Sindh lives, the memory of Saeen G.M. Syed will love evergreen in their hearts and minds.

Let us, the people of Sindh, mourn our bereavement with fortitude and a resolve that we Shall give to Sindh as much love, devotion and dedication as he did. May the Almighty Allah bestow upon his soul his choicest blessings-Amen

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