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NAP-Muslim League Accord

The Muslim League and the NAP have entered into an agreement for the formation of Coalition Government in West Pakistan on the basis of the following program:

  1. All possible efforts will be made to hold free and fair elections; according to the schedule of the Election Commission and decided by the present Central Coalition Govt.;
  2. Proprietary rights in Sindh to be conferred upon the peasant-occupants of evacuee agricultural land, the price of the land may be recovered from them within ten years in equal yearly installments;
  3. Wherever possible, the State Lands, as a matter of principle, shall not be auctioned, but sold to local peasants and local small khatedars, whose holding is uneconomical. The sale price shall be recovered from them in equal installments within ten years;
  4. Immediate measures to be adopted for intensive cultivation, for good crops, for reclamation of lands not under plough, preventive measures against waterlogging, seepage and floods, strengthening of bonds, necessary repairs to Barrages and canals, power production, revision of proposed enhancement of land assessment, upholding of tenancy rights and necessary agrarian reforms;
  5. Refugee rehabilitation and satisfaction of legitimate compensation of claims;
  6. Adoption of measures to combat increase in prices of essential commodities, and checkmating black market and hoarding;
  7. Devise methods to eradicate corruption in administration;
  8. Measures to Put down lawlessness;
  9. Appointments to be made locally;
  10. Advisory Committees for Commissioners of Divisions for the redress of Public grievances;
  11. Implementation of Promises made to staff from Minor Provinces in the Secretariat;
  12. The re consideration of orders issued by the, previous Government relating to the suspension and transfer of Gazetted Officers or Heads of Departments, or reappointment of retired officers for Political or other considerations;
  13. Withdrawing the orders concerning the opening of West Pakistan Apex Bank with a view to hitting the oldest Sindh Provincial Bank for political reasons. The oldest existing Bank to be strengthened and its Headquarters to be shifted to Hyderabad;
  14. Rules of Business to be amended so as to make the Ministers the final authority in the discharge of their duties;
  15. Schemes and projects pertaining to various departments for the purpose of development at the time of unification of Provinces, in the smaller Provinces, should be implemented at an early date.
  16. Civic rights of the people will be safeguarded and all orders infringing those rights shall be revised and withdrawn.
The following decision has been agreed to on behalf of the Republican Party on the one hand and the Pakistan National Awami Party on the other hand:-

‘That a resolution moved during the current session of the West Pakistan Legislative Assembly recommending to the National Assembly of Pakistan to restore Provinces of West Pakistan on linguistic basis, and to restore the Provincial autonomy of those Provinces, which shall form a zonal federation of West Pakistan, will be supported by the said two Parties.

"Further, that a similar resolution will be supported by the said two Parties in the National Assembly. That the Pakistan National Awami Party will support the Republican Government in all matters involving confidence in the Ministry with the right to offer constructive criticism." The following decision has been agreed to on behalf of the Republican Party on the one hand and the Pakistan National Awami Party on the other hand. The Muslim League and the National Awami Party have agreed to the following conditions:

    1. that a Coalition Ministry shall be formed in West Pakistan, in which both the Parties shall have equal representation, excluding the Chief Minister who shall belong to the Muslim League Party and shall be selected by the approval of the Leader of the NAP;
    2. that the NAP Ministers shall be persons recommended for nomination by the NAP. Leaders;
    3. the portfolios shall be assigned to respective Ministers by mutual agreement of the Leaders.
The Muslim League Working Committee at its meeting held at Lahore on the 7th of March, 1957 came to the following conclusion: -

After a full consideration of the present situation in West Pakistan, the Pakistan Muslim League Working Committee is convinced that the One-Unit scheme of West Pakistan has failed completely, and the Muslim League cannot support it. The Muslim League, as an Organization of the people, must give its immediate thought to the establishment of a system which is acceptable to and has the full approval of the people of all the different regions.’

It was decided that this decision was not to be published for the present.

General Secretary,
Pakistan-Muslim League
Lahore. 20.3.57.

Top Secret & Personal

My dear Sayyed,

The Muslim League Assembly Party will support the Resolution against the One Unit, discussions on which will be resumed on the 28th of March or any other date, in the Legislature.

Yours sincerely,

(Sardar Bahadur Khan)

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