G. M. Syed-The Case of Sindh
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Detention Order No. 3837/54-DS(P)
Karachi, the 3rd December, 1954

 Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Shah Syed alias G.M. Syed son of Muhammad Shah of Karachi a detain in Karachi Jail.

1.The Government of Pakistan are satisfied that your activities were prejudicial to the security and external affairs of Pakistan. You have been fostering and associating with movements, which create and encourage fissiparous tendencies among the various sections of the people of Pakistan. You have publicly preached that Pakistan is not one nation and have impliedly condemned the creation of Pakistan that came into being as a national entity separate from India.

2. You have maintained objectionable contacts with diplomatic missions of certain countries not well disposed towards Pakistan. You have been constantly meeting members of diplomatic mission of one such country. In furtherance of the political ideology of another diplomatic mission which also you frequented, you have preached class-hatred among the masses. These acts constitute activities Prejudicial to the external affairs of Pakistan, You have stated and preached that a section of the people of Pakistan have a nationality besides that of Pakistan. This is prejudicial to the solidarity and security of Pakistan.
3. In pursuance of Section 6 of the Security of Pakistan Act, 1952, you are being informed of the above mentioned reasons for your detention, to enable you to make, if you so wish, a representation in writing against the order of detention. You are also hereby informed that you have the right to make such representation.


Deputy Secretary to the Government of Pakistan
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