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Letter to Khwaja Nazimuddin

Dated The 9th Dec. 1951.

My dear Khwaja Sahib,

Now that you have returned to the capital, I deem it necessary to acquaint you with the attitude of my Group towards the Ministerial conflict in Sindh. I hope you remember I had offered you, during my last interview with you, our whole-hearted cooperation and assistance in all acts of nation building, progress, welfare and solidarity of Pakistan.

Since then Mr. M.A. Khuhro, Sindh Chief Minister is on the war-path with his own colleagues and with everyone who is not inclined to save him from the consequences of the Proda petitions filed against him. He is also creating an alarm that our Group would now give a crushing blow to the League in the impending general elections if he is made to resign or dismissed. To dispel the apprehensions roused by him, Mr. Sh. A. Majid Sindhi has already issued a Press statement on behalf of our Group. A copy of the statement is attached herewith for your ready reference.

I reiterate the position of my Group as defined by Mr. Sindhi in his Press statement and offer you our cooperation in any steps that you may take for the purification of the Provincial administration and reorganization of the Muslim League on sound and democratic lines. I am proceeding to my village for about a fortnight, and if need be I am quite prepared to discuss this matter you before my departure or after my return to Karachi.

With kind regards.
Yours Sincerely,
G.M. Sayed

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