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Letter to Liaquat Ali Khan

My Dear Nawabzada,

Sindh Politics and have willingly paid price for it. As a matter of fact, as in the past and so now, there have hardly been any material differences in the essentials of outlook between me and the High Command so far Central politics or policies are concerned. It is in the field of provincial politics that affect and govern the immediate day-to-day life of an average citizen of our state, that I have held views of my own often at variance with those in authority. However I am firm as ever before in my conviction that my different outlook in this field has never been prejudicial to the stability and progress of our new state, but on the contrary is certain to add to the permanent peace and prosperity of the same.

I have done my duty in seeking an opportunity to meet you and I am sure if you can find time to grant the request, we shall have chance for proper appreciation of each otherís view points in the interest of the common cause we both hold dearí namely service of our land.

Thanking you.
Sincerely Yours

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